Who Are We?


Our story dates back to 1793. A time where the greatest city in the world was finally given its name.

A city which takes pride in Equity, Diversity, and Acceptance.

Everywhere you look - a different ethnicity, a unique personality, and a mosaic of cultures blended together to make one very special name. 


Toronto is an emblem in the world and has continued to evolve as a multinational site for people to visit. Tasting the different foods from various cultures, visiting historic landmarks like that big tower we have in the downtown core, or simply being an example for other major cities to be able to follow.

Visiting a new place and seeing people from diverse cultures interact with a welcoming attitude is a sight many cities fail to offer. Just by looking at the beauty and diversity in large gatherings such as sports events - its truly a one of a kind type of vibe.

This makes us so proud to be Torontonians and we recognize this patriotism and passion is shared by more than just a few.


T Dot.

The North.

The 6ix.

This is why 6ixFits was born.

Here at 6ixFits, we strive to carry the shared passion held by other Torontonians by providing them the ability to represent their city's colours loud and proud. We fully absorb the traits of Equity, Diversity, and Acceptance taken on by our great city and aim to amplify it further to magnify the various cultures on our streets everyday.

We aim to provide a sense of pride and belonging, along with the unique sense of style that this city possesses.

Because in Toronto, we do things differently.

We don't just have festivals, we have some of the biggest ones in the world.

We don't just accept diversity, we cherish it as part of our identity.

We don't just talk in some regular slang either, we have our own unique way of getting a message across.

And here at 6ixFits, we understand that as diverse of a nation we are and with the many differences that we may all have, there is one thing that remains consistent in the minds of all.







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